DC Magnetron Power Supply
Power Mag Technologies is pleased to offer you the, USA solution to your sputtering power supply needs. These units are 100% quality and priced right. Our power supplies offer superior arc detection and suppression. These units have a compact design, voltage, current and power regulation modes, and full usable power across the entire power range.

Choose the supply that's right for you

  • Maxim 500
  • Maxim 1000
  • Maxim 1500

Features Flexibility

  • Power Ramping - 0.001 to 65 Seconds (adjustable)
  • Run Timer - 0.1 to 6553 Seconds (adjustable)
  • KwHr Counting
  • KwHr Limit 0.01 to 655 KwHr
  • Stored Target Information
  • Interlocks (1 each)
  • Temperature Monitoring/Protection

Power Mag Technologies
Providing you with quality instrumentation you can rely on in the vacuum / thin film industry. Be sure to contact us and let us know how we can assist your next project.